Adaptive Web based Information System (AWIS) for a travel agency
DURATION: 12 Weeks
GUIDE: Prof. Serge Garlatti, ENST Bretagne FRANCE
Opodo is a travel agency which gives solution for user queries for citybreaks, flight bookings, hotel bookings etc based on user preferences. User can set a lot of preferences in his queries and then retrieve preferred solutions. 

To design an adaptive information system and introduce a user model in order to answer user queries based on certain adaptation rules.

  • Restructured the information on the website into chunks, flight break, Hotel booking etc.

  • Developed Adaptation rules for three equivalence classes (good, bad and average) of City Breaks.

  • Different adaptation strategies like Annotation, Direct Guidance, Hiding and Sorting applied.

  • A relevant User model was developed to describe user characteristics for adaptation purposes.

  • Modelled the information system in F-logic. Framed the rules in F-logic.

  • Successfully Queried and retrieved individuals in Ontobroker.

  • Developed ontology in OWL (Web Ontology Language)

  • Tranferred the rules from F-logic to Description Logic by specifying constraints in form of "Necessary and Sufficient conditions" of classes.

  • Successfully computed the individuals as good, bad and average city breaks using Protege as tool.

  • Documented the problems faced in OWL model, shortcomings of OWL model and how they were overcome.