Heuristic guidelines and Tool for Usability evaluation of web interfaces using cultural context
DURATION: 16 Weeks
GUIDE: Prof. P. Yammiyavar, IIT Guwahati, INDIA
This Project was done as part of the research done by Indo-Danish cross-cultural usability research group at IIT Guwahati.

To develop heuristic guidelines and a tool for usability evaluation of web interfaces using cultural context.

  • Studied websites for three distinct cultures of India, Denmark and China.
  • Identified the culture specific design elements and numerically recorded the patterns in design for the three cultures.
  • Statistical analysis of the data thus gathered was done and graphs were plotted to visualise the relationships.
  • Based on the analysis of graphs each design feature was rated on a five point scale corresponding to each culture.
  • This five point scale was then used in the design of tool to measure culturability, i.e. cultural sensitivity of a website.
  • Presented the findings in Indo-Danish research symposium held at IIT Guwahati.