Usability Evaluation of IU Webmail
DURATION: 4 weeks
GUIDE: Prof. Youn-Kyung Lim
This project was done as part of Usability and Evaluation methods for Interaction Design course. Tara Bazler, Manager User Experience group for UITS support was co-sponsor of this project.

To conduct and report a usability test for IU Webmail.

  • Created a brief description of profiles of target subjects (users) and started recruiting them.
  • Prepared consent form, pre-test questionnaire, post-test questionnaire and script for the test.
  • Conducted the test on three users who met the target user group profile.
  • Facial expressions and think-aloud protocol was recorded using webcam, while the screen was recorded using camtasia.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data from the tests was recorded and graphs were plotted to visualise the results.
  • Based on the results certain recommendations were made to improve the usability of features in IU Webmail.