Exhibition design for "APPLE" products
DURATION: 16 Weeks
GUIDE: Asst. Prof. Avinash Shinde
PLEASE NOTE: This was a classroom project and was NOT done as a work for APPLE COMPUTERS INC. Some images used are copyright protected by APPLE .

This project was done as a part of exhibition design course at IIT Guwahati in a group of 4 students.

To design an exhibition for products of Apple Computers.

  • Studied the brand identity and promotional activities of Apple Computers.
  • Sketched the different concepts for the exhibition.
  • Developed a virtual 3-D model for the proposed exhibition in 3D Studio MAX.
  • Decided the materials to be used for the exhibition.
  • Decided on the dimensions for the actual size of panels, kiosks and floor.
  • Developed a scaled down 3-D model of the exhibition.